FOUNDATION GROUPS/GIRLS transcription of original material

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FOUNDATION GROUPS/GIRLS transcription of original material

Postby Peter Sanders Reynolds » Thu Jan 20, 2005 9:28 pm


subject:women S.E.S MATERIAL
____Transcription of material taken in dictation by an S.E.S woman
friend of mine whilst in the school __

The duty of women devoted to their husband (looking upon their husband as a
deity) is to serve him, to do good offices to him, to humour his relations and
constantly to observe his sacred vows. Her - self remaining adorned and to keep her utensils etc well scoured at all times.A virtuous wife should serve her husband by thoroughly sweeping her house and plastering it (with cow dung etc.), by drawing auspicious diagrams and sperical designs (on the floor with colours), through sense objects- great and small- desired by him, through the modesty and control of the senses, through truthful and agreeable words and (above all) through love at oppurtune moments. Contented (with her resources) and not coveting even that which is available (to her), diligent, convers- and with dharma (what is right), agreeable and truthful of speech (not only to her husband but to all), vigilent, pure (of body) and
full of affection, she should gratify her husband (unless he has fallen guilty of any of the five major sins) A wife who serves her husband, regarding him as an image of Sri Hari (Lord Kisnu) and devoted to him as Goddess Laksmi is to her consort, rejoices in Vaikuntha (the realm of Sri Hari) like Sri (laksmi) in the company of her husband, who (by virtue of her devotion) is sure to attain a form similar to that of Sri Hari (Himself)


1) Do not give rise to anger. Let it pass
2) Say and do nothing unnessessary
3) Do not intefere
4) Not to engage in petty conversation
5) Not to entertain any small thoughts about yourself
6) The Self is in the hearts of all. There are many parts. Be content with
your part in the great play of the universe and not to wish for someone elses
7) Be happy to perform your duty, do what is precisely nessessary.
Buts,likes and dislikes, remember have no place.

Remember yourself!
Love yourself!
Reflect yourself!

This is what was given to me as a man within the S.E.S to understand the role of a woman. It was dictated to me many years ago. Not suprisingly I soon mislayed it and it was only recently when talking to a woman friend of mine and she told me she had kept her copy as a nostalgic keep sake for weird times that we realised that this was common regular material for S.E.S members who had passed through part 1, 2 ,and 3. We hunted through her cupboard and unearthed the above transcriptions which are but a small drop in the ocean of mountains of 'ladies material' she has. She informs me that in talking to a dissaffected St James old girl that the above extracts formed the core of the S.E.S teachings given to young girls all over the world of 16 and over, in 'foundation groups' in relation to men. In reading the parafenalia of St James Independent School For Girls it is not in any way obvious apart from the promised teaching of sewing and the art of the hostess that the girl's education is leading up to a 'teaching' which is so servile and crushing of the personality of women as human beings as minds and as women.



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SES Sexism = SES Child abuse

Postby Witness » Fri Jan 21, 2005 9:14 am

Not only is it trash, it is vitally connected with the child abuse claims on this board.

Good parenting involves a balance of decision making between both parents. Mothers and fathers, men and women often have differing tendencies in a parenting or childcaring situation. This is a good thing.

When SES women surrender their power to challenge or question the way an SES man is behaving towards a child, absolute power is given to the man. Absolute power corrupts, abuse of power arises, child abuse occurs.

Male SES teachers would have felt awesome power because of the behaviour of SES women around them. The same is true of SES fathers.

The hierarchical situation itself (Man>Woman>Child) lends itself to an abusive situation.

This is true of SES schools and SES homes.

SES sexism is a direct cause of SES child abuse.


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Postby a different guest » Fri Jan 21, 2005 9:20 am

and what about the abuse of women??? This not need be overt (like wife bashing), but can take many subtle forms. How about all the women of the SES who have been denied a normal life?

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Postby Peter Sanders Reynolds » Sat Jan 29, 2005 2:23 pm

One does wonder at the willy nilly use of the term abuse here. Abuse happens all over the place not just at the S.E.S. I think it would be more real to tackle the issue of sexism at the level it actually exists on. Which is merely the level of 'sexism'. This is a wrong enough! One doesn't need to exagerate with the term abuse. It doesn't need it!


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