"No sexual abuse in SES/SOP?"

Discussion of the SES, particularly in the UK.
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Postby Goblinboy » Wed Mar 08, 2006 6:00 am

Jerome wrote:xstJ

First time I've learnt of this. I may be a current pupil of St.James, but I also want to learn the truth as does everyone. This is where certain guilty individuals can really get nailed. All that is needed is the evidence. All well and good ordering more inquiries and it is this type of stuff that is the lowest of the low and needs to be dealt with accordingly and investigated.



One incident of this is cited in the Townend report, along with the denial by the then Principal that corporal punishment was used at the Girls school, and subsequent evidence to show that she was wrong.



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some more reading

Postby ross nolan » Wed Mar 08, 2006 12:36 pm

G'day all -- if this post makes it through the viruses,bugs and spyware on my computer this time it will perhaps throw some more light on this dark subject. (getting an IT pest exterminator in so I might go offline for a day or two -- chance to rest the eyeballs...)

First some more websites of relevance;-

Re Monsignor Day "cleric backs ex cop sex claims"

www.heraldsun.news.com.au/Common/story- ... 62,00.html

"Ballarat Bishop backs claims from former policeman"


General info on cults inc sexual matters.


eg for Moonies (pseudo Christian - cult of Reverend Moon)

'Salvation' comes from;-
1 Having actual sex with Rev Moon, for the girls or

2 Having actual sex with a girl who has had sex with Moon, if a man or

3 Working full time for Moon. ..........

Broken rites Australia (fighting church sexual abuse)

www.broken rights.aplhalink.com.au

look up Steiner schools for info on similar Hindu influence on teaching especially "reincarnation and karma" by Rudolph Steiner

also "Autism and Steiner schools" (reincarnation and 'trapped souls' as explanation -- note Steiner sprang out of theosaphy as did SES - he teaches that each person has a body, a soul AND a 'spirit' )

more to come. Also revisit the thread "girls schools" if anyone is new to this or has forgotten some of the harrowing testimony .

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Postby Jerome » Wed Mar 08, 2006 6:06 pm


My bad, obviously I haven't read it thoroughly enough. Thanks for clearing it up.


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Postby NYC » Wed Mar 08, 2006 8:43 pm

xstJ wrote:There's no doubt in my mind that the hitting of girl's in St James was sexual abuse. If a girl was to be hit she was told to come to the front of the class pull her knickers down, lift her dress up and bend over. The teacher then hit her with her bare hand.

I was never punished in this way but it happened frequently.

Jerome wrote:My bad, obviously I haven't read it thoroughly enough. Thanks for clearing it up.

There?s a ton of stuff to sift through, isn?t there? Here?s a quote from the Townend report, from ?Section 5 Evidence ? General.? Of course, I had to go to the Parents & Pupils website to quote it, at


5.8 Girls ? Punishments

5.8.3 Miss Caldwell says that she never allowed any corporal punishment in either St James or St Vedast. She also says that she does not remember any complaint about corporal punishment being used. There is, however, clear evidence of a girl being spanked in the classroom for stealing another girl?s clothing. It is said that the allegation against the girl was false. Whatever the truth of that, the matter was reported to the girl?s father who complained. As a result Miss Caldwell spoke to the female teacher responsible and told her that all corporal punishment of girls was to stop. This would have been in about 1982.

Townend doesn?t make it clear, but according to xstJ this girl would have been spanked by a female teacher on her bare bottom and in front of the class. The report goes on to say in the next subheading

5.9 Girls ? Physical and Mental Mistreatment
5.9.1 A number of complaints have been made against some female teachers alleging that they smacked girls on their bare bottoms. I find one complaint (described above in paragraph 5.8.3) proven. However, I have considered other complaints against other teachers and do not accept them as proven.

This doesn?t mean it didn?t happen, of course, just that there was not enough corroborating testimony to prove it. I have not read the section of the report regarding the standard of proof thoroughly yet, but it?s in Section 3 ?Modalities.?

But to me, the next part of the Townend report is just as troubling --

5.9.2 A number of girls complained that they were subjected to various
forms of verbal humiliation in front of their classes. Some were repeatedly shouted at and others told that they were stupid.

5.9.3 A particular practice, not wholly confined to the Girls Schools, was either publicly or privately to interrogate a subject at, if necessary, very great length, in order to obtain a confession. Confessions were usually obtained but I am satisfied were sometimes false and worthless. Sometimes in the course of this type of interrogation the subject would be attacked or criticised in hurtful and distressing ways.

Yeah?I wonder why St. James doesn?t want the report they commissioned quoted.

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Postby Free » Wed Mar 08, 2006 9:32 pm

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Postby Alban » Wed Mar 08, 2006 11:16 pm

You make a good point Free.

Has anyone tried contacting Townend's office and requesting a copy of the public report, or asked him if he feels that the version posted on iirep is exactly the same content as his report.

To be honest, I don't think the governors would dare to mis-quote or change the report, as discovery of the fact would cause a massive scandal...although having said that, faced with losing their jobs, there is the argument that they would just be delaying the inevitable.

hmmm...might be worth a call


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Postby Matthew » Wed Mar 08, 2006 11:36 pm

These are his Chambers contact details and email address:



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something to think about

Postby ross nolan » Thu Mar 09, 2006 2:49 am

Yesterday's Melbourne Age newspaper (the quality broadsheet I might add ) carried an article entitled "Pedophiles among female carers"

The first few lines ,quote " Sexual abuse by women is a bigger problem than previously thought, and nuns and nannies are among the female pedophiles who have preyed on the children in their care."

"Women are responsible for 6 percent of all reported cases of sexual abuse, a study by Child Wise, the nation's peak child protection group, has shown"

"And much of the abuse occurs while the women are acting in positions of authority" .........

(I'll see if I can chase up a web address -- I would think using a few key words and www.theage. etc would get the story )

I would expect the vast majority of sexual misconduct in the SES to be taking place between "consenting" adults though -- the example I gave ages ago of the (female) totur telling a young woman who revealed she had had a miscarriage that it was due to her wickedness in a former life and all such "Karma" is in fact deserved -- not the usual careing attitude one comes to expect between women.

From a long talk to an ex member (1970's to 80's ) I gathered that "good Karma" could be gotten by females if they 'pleased' men in the movement and the giving of sex for Karma was understood if not quite explicitly taught.

From personal experience I can vouch for the desensitizing effect of authority on women -- I was arrested on a Friday night preceding a long weekend (in 1983) when two police officers (one female) turned up with a "warrant of committment" to serve 25 days imprisonment over a matter that involved my having reported a 'low flying' incident that involved only myself, caused no damage,loss of use,no complaint, no injury etc etc -- in fact it was because I realized during a specified 'precautionary landing' exercise that I was being directed to fly through about 250 ft of solid rock if I followed the exact procedure and I submitted a form 225 "air safety incident report" to bring this fact to the attention of the Civil Aviation Authority .

For almost exactly a year I heard nothing from my report or the authorities but I had established and aircraft maintenance and repair business on a government aerodrome (also controlled by the civil aviation authority) in the meantime, finished and obtained my private pilots licence (I had been flying gliders for many years prior and had -too much!- actual experience of landing in paddocks which the training exercise 'simulated')

I had also become aware of the same authority giving out permits to fly for an incredibly unairworthy and illegal "ultralight" aircraft -- a number of fatal accidents occurred after I had issued a defect notice that should have grounded the aircraft type and caused inspections to take place -- no such thing happenned and I ended up trying to help three widows get documents released and giving expert evidence against the authority.

At this point I became aware that I was a marked man -- world renowned aviator and millionaire Dick Smith wrote a damning book exposing the incompetence and criminalcover ups within the aviation authority "Two Years in the Aviation Hall of Doom" (the 'secret cult' of aviation) and gave numerous case histories of people targetted.

To sum up I had gone to court to defend the charges -- told they woulkd be withdrawn, had to defend myself on the spot, the magistrate knew nothing of flight training , fined me on one charge and I appealled - I got anonymous death threats , all sorts of 'impediments' in dealing with the authority, had my rent quadrupled without reason etc ,etc- I subpeoned 22 officers of the Authority (including four department heads) and invited all the media and papers along -- the judge found that the case should never have been brought before his court or indeed anyone else's and tore strips off the people from the authority and the police officer that I had also subpeoned BUT,,, I had turned up proof that the 'declared' low flying area approved for the flying school had never in fact been 'gazetted' or published via Hansard or given approval by the ,usually , 'figurehead' Minister for Aviation -- the secretary had given approval without having power to so nonetheless I WAS 'guilty' of flying below 500 ft over an area not being a designated low flying area .

The case was written up in the aviation press and covered by electronic media as a 'moral win' and exposure of malicious abuse of power etc -- the fine imposed was $1 but I had to pay the first court costs of $250.

I sent in a cheque for that on a copy of the scathing editorial by the editor of "Aircraft" magazine and forgot about it for about six years until one Friday evening......

Turns out they never cashed my cheque and in the meantime the 'freedom of information' act came in and I made application to get the full authority and police files to get the case quashed.

Download here)

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Postby Free Thinker » Thu Mar 09, 2006 3:10 am

Here is an example of one of my issues with you, Ross.

What the hell does your sob story have to do with women? Are you saying that the female police officer should have refused to arrest you because women should be more empathetic?

I'm sorry you had problems with the aviation system but really, this is over the top.

The cops probably didn't know anything about your history. They were told to arrest you. Why you feel that the reason one was a woman was because she'd been desensitized by having been given authority is beyond me.

Are we all soft and sweet until we are allowed do do things like men do? Or should women not be allowed to have positions of authority because it corrupts them?

Damn straight I think you are a misogynist, and very much so.

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female abuse

Postby ross nolan » Thu Mar 09, 2006 3:52 am


In default of paying the$ 250 costs (incidentally the judge, Shillitoe, referred to his having been a wartime flying instructor, a fact not known to me or apparently anyone else till his summing up and his having been intentionally lied to and misled by the aviation authority and told then "not to even bother asking for their costs" in his court -- the tidy sum of over $6500 (in 1979 dollars) when I had thought that I only had to supply their conduct money as on the subpeonas - a 20c tram fare each - which the ombudsman had told me to ensure I gave them so that the subpeonas 'stuck'-- I was living in my woprkshop (hangar) at the time and could not have found $65.) --I would have to serve 25 days in jail -yes that is correct $10 per day instead of the money (!)

I had been told that until my FOI request was complied with no action would be taken to serve a warrant.

So much for police promises or the integrity of the legal system . (I apologize if this is long winded but it is less than 1% of what I have since been through -- one reason I attended the 'school of philosophy' was to try to see if a bit of (Stoic) Philosophy might help me deal with the stress this sort of thing created...

I had been threatened by phone with severe injury and death and told to 'pay up' and keep your business (and my teeth) in the several weeks before -- the police laughed at doing anything about it.

I was in fact bashed by a Mr Robert Sluscarzyk requiring ten stitches in my face after he entered my workshop thinking I was alone but my apprentice had gone to the toilet and emerged to see me, unconcious on the ground and my attacker fleeing out the door (he was left handed, had a long record of violent crime and was only a couple of years ago found to have been the chief amphetamines cook for the underworld drug 'king' of Melbourne (Lewis Moran ) -- the shooting death of his 'client' set off an underworld killing spree that has seen over thirty homicides -- It was revealed that Sluscarzyk was going to 'roll over' and name the corrupt police that were protecting him and taking money for it but, unfortunately he died in an unexplained aircraft accident (also uninvestigated another "ultralight")

I had had those stiches taken out only the morning of the Friday that the police arrived... I still had a lingering headache and could only eat porridge out of the edge of my swollen mouth so I was half starved already, had had little sleep for a week, dosed up on pain killers and aspirin when the police arrived .

In a note of lightheartedness( and after I had told them I was not prepared to pay the money and had been told no action was to happen until my FOI request for documents was fullfilled ) one of my share house
mates said "hang on I have just what you need to read while you are "inside" - he emerged with the Reader's digest condensed book of "Great escape stories" and I took my copy of Dick Smith's "Two years in the aviation hall of doom" -- they were going to let the media who were following the case that I had been arrested ....

The female copper refused to stop smoking in the car, with windows up, on the way to the station (and lockup cells) despite my having a splitting
headache and on entering the station the police told me to empty my pockets, took my wallet and also my books - no I couldn't have them to read, and pushed a clipboard with all my 'possessions' listed on it to sign ,but no books included -- I refused to unless they gave me the books or put them on the list -- the young copper then swung a punch at me which I ducked -- the two coppers I came with rotated simultaneously to face away (could still see via mirror doors though) and I had to grapple with the young copper assaulting me who had grabbed a 'handful' of my chest hair but 'stabbed' his hand with a pencil I had in my shirt pocket - I
then spotted a senior copper and yelled to him I was being assaulted and had the right to defend myself - he came out and the end result was I put the books on to the list and signed it (this evidence became crucial later in veryifying my version of events ) and I got roughly pushed into the barred cell .

There were no other prisoners in any of the cells .

One young copper amused himself by running up and down outside the cells dragging a stick over the bars like he was a monkey in the zoo - the others found this hilarious .

I was not fed anything and had only a stainless steel toilet bowl and a sink with a tap plus a bunk -- I was not offered any food or asked if I wanted anything to eat for over eighteen hours (as it later proved to be - no outside light or watch,clock etc to tell time )- their 'records' purported to show that I had been given a meal at 6 pm that night then breakfast etc etc - pure fabrication.

The famale police occasionally walked into the cell area and looked into my cell - it was also monitored by a fixed camera -- the shower area was at the end of the cell block.

After some interminable time I got into bed , the lights went out and I tried to get some sleep , started to drift off when suddenly the lights are back on again, then off for maybe half an hour, then back on again, and so on -- of course I was being 'wound up' and I shouted out that this was illegal and 'cruel and unusual punishment' which seemed to especially touch their collective funny bone.

At what might have been next morning , as is usual, I went to 'use' the toilet and, whilst doing so first one then two female police officers come and stand watching me having a s**t and wiping my bum .
Likewise when I took a shower (which only happenned after the first day and a half when they brought in a drunk and then some bloke who told me they had discovered his 'grass' plot in his backyard ) there was no further 'problem' with the lights and there was a regular feeding (with Kentucky fried chicken ) -- after three days I was transferred (in a pitch black van with Christ knows who ,no seatbelts etc , rolling like mad, to Pentridge prison and told I was being released but had to report each day to a police station or parole office for the next 22 days.

I lodged a complaint telling the above and had two detectives turn up to "take notes" etc -- my evidence that I had written the two books down in my own hand was enough to discredit the police version of lies -- I got an apology - they said I had been interviewd by the "visitor" to jails and had no complaints during my imprisonment (totally false) had been fed within an hour of arrival (totally false) no female police had entered the cell area (totally false) and the "light torture" was because it was' a new switch system that the officers were not familiar with '

The end result was that they said my FOI request was pursuant to an application to rehear the case and since I had "served" the time the matter was now closed .

I have been jailed twice since -, full strip searches etc and was playing chess on one Christmas day with a bloke who killed his wife, over a matter involving my not having registered my car (even though no fee was required to register it ) -- I had gone to court with all the documentation (two briefcases) to fight the matter on law -- the ONLY case set down for chistmas eve in the Melbourne County Court -- the judge arrived fifty minutes late but just after the reporters had left, he was bright red in the face (not unlike many drunks) and sent me to jail when I appended " doing this community service in no way denies me the right to proceed with this matter to another higher court" -- contempt apparently.

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Postby ross nolan » Thu Mar 09, 2006 4:29 am

Alright, having got that off my chest .. it had been suggested that I 'wouldn't understand' about sexual humiliation and sexual abuse or physical brutality -- I hope that one doesn't get repeated at least.

One postscript to this was that one day whilst listening to talkback radio the case of police women going on strike or something because it had been revealed that police (men) had secretly installed cameras in the Moonee Ponds police station female change rooms( because thefts had occurred from lockers )

The female police were 'outraged' that this had occurred -- in fact the cameras had picked up lesbian acts taking place and the tape had been shown around at police parties . Both unpardonable actions of course but I took the opportunity to phone in and relate my experience of being watched by female police 'going to the toilet' and showering with absolutely no privacy consideration at all .

Unknown to me a friend from school days in Mildura who worked in the media heard my voice,recognized it and contacted the producer to get in touch with me and told me also about the school reunion in 1991 which I arttended -- we still stay in touch.

I understand that it is not just the humiliation that matters but maybe even more the lieing and calling you a liar if you report it -- the police are expert at lieing and the (few) good ones get tainted by the many bad ones and pollute the one avenue of hope that victims of crime ,including sexual abuse, have to seek justice.

This is one reason I say to 'split your evidence' and don't trust just one authority to do the right thing -- never give original documents etc

We have a female police chief here now who is a bad joke (to be kind to her) she is paid over $250,000 per year and was only appointed (from interstate ) because the level of corruption in Victoria police was such that no politician knew who to trust - her daddy was an assistant commissioner in NSW and she has had next to no street experience of real policing Tony Ryan (I think)British policeman brought in to head the (even more corrupt ) New South Wales police force said he couldn't trust her and sent her to a post where she could do no harm -she was undermining him in his opinion.

One PM from an English victim of the SES asked me for details of the authorities here in reporting child abuse and the police commissioner -- I sent them and knew that Christine Nixon (Police chief) had stated her personal interest in child abuse cases -- I only hope she does not betray the trust of someone who goes to her with evidence.

(I was assaulted by a copper whilst a friend of mine was helping a person being 'roughed up' by tram ticket inspectors -- becoming a common report to the papers- ended up with him kneeing my rib cage and in considerable pain -- reported the attack,witness statements,photos etc but the belated investigation 'couldn't establish the facts' -- that day Nixon was marching in a 'gay pride' parade in ST Kilda in police uniform -- she is widely believed to be gay and instances of female police reporting abuse and being ignored have been reported. -- the number of really tough female police 'crossing the line' in terms of violence against both women and men is growing -- the belief that women cannot commit crimes of violence or sexual predation is simply not true.

Anyone seen "Seven Beauties" (Bertoloucci I think ) ? A female concentration camp commander ..... our police chief has a similar deportment and build (she is huge).

The bottom line is that, yes, sexual and physical abuse by females is both fact and believable. Don't be intimidated to report it .
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Postby Free Thinker » Thu Mar 09, 2006 4:56 am

So what you are trying to say is that last line?

You really could have shortened it a bit. I'm sorry you went through all that but again I bring back the point that while on the one hand you are trying to explain that both men and women are capable of being corrupted by authority and capable of physical and sexual abuse (which of course I agree with) on the other hand, you seem to be intimating that someone women shouldn't be corruptable, or shouldn't have authority.

If you are not trying to be sexist, then you need to be really clear with your choice of words and examples.

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instant criticism

Postby ross nolan » Thu Mar 09, 2006 6:51 am

Well FT, the ink is not even dry before you condemn me with your 'response' -- alluding to my PM to you (not being known by the other readers and therefore a bit deceptive perhaps...) and your instant expertise to demolish my relating a true story that I told partly in my own defence (as in 'what right do you have to talk about things ' "you have zero understanding of what you talk about ' etc ) and partly because it might not be a bad thing to understand that the conduct of the SES and it's effects on people is not unique or unprecedented and some hard won lessons from these other battles can be applied to this one.

(I don't have a group of friends or fellow sufferers to share my tribulations with unlike ex St James people nor any hope of a Townend enquiry to give a sense of closure or hope . I am NOW digging myself out of a financial hole caused by being violently disspossessed of the results of some nine man months of hard work by an associate of Melbourne's crime king - a matter which the police he paid off will not do their sworn duty over . You call my relating the events that occurred to me a "sob story"-- you don't know the tiniest part of it and yet you can both display your degree of empathy (to use your own description) and make a chain of presumptive statements to discredit me or,...or what ?

I didn't make up the story about sexual abuse by female carers (Age 6/3/06 ) but it does validate the sort of testimony related by Xstj who did have the courage to post her own experience (that matter having been dismissed imperiously by Townend as an earlier post showed )

For Christsake I am trying to provide an avenue of help for WOMEN (the : majority victims of abuse) -- what have YOU done to help your 'sisters', sister ?

you quoted the line 'desensitizing effect of authority on women' -- yes I wrote that but is not the context obvious ? Women are "on the side of the angels' in much of the popular conception and ,as Queen Victoria once stated, "I refuse to believe that women are capable of such a thing " (sic)
- that in relation to lesbianism I think but it is the 'working assumption' that women are automatically innocent when it comes to matters of child abuse or violence --- do you want a stereotype to be upheld that denies you the same range of emotions and behaviour as a man ?

How equal to you really want to be ? (I think my long ago comment that there is no female Mozart to point to or lots of other areas of male "domination" like coal mines,foundrys, slaughterhouses or the vast majority of industrial jobs that women are not fighting their way into.

Perhaps you could accept the truth of that statement and get over it -- I can accept that I cannot make babies .

I tried to open a conversation with you in private by PM after your backhanded or qualified compliment on the "democracy" thread but you chose to 'shoot from the lip' here in 'public' but inferring something really nasty in my 'misogynist' nature or (it could be inferred) PM tp you.

Given your reaction I think I am justified in posting that pm here as I do not feel ashamed of it (anyone else is welcome to post any of my PMs to them as well -- that includes you ADG when you PM'd me a large number of times seeking information for your benefit (if you are not too busy 'winding up' the juveniles at St James )

A few facts -- what does this have to do with women?

Well, it involves factual testimony of degrading and distinctly unfeminine behaviour carried out by women -- the concentration of lesbian and butch women within the police force might even be expected from the nature of the work and the opportunities to 'get away' with a bit of biff -- some female prisoners are 'felt up' by homosexual female police and prison officers and have testified to that -- that is abuse of power.

The police knew all about my campaign with the aviation authority and indicated that at the time and my eventual getting hold of files (took another seven years) proved the links and vindictiveness of the actions co ordinated against me as a "whistleblower" -- that is the correct description for you who are making complaints against the SES except now you have the marvellous device of the internet for mutual support.

Perhaps you are a female carer, or a police officer's wife or even a police officer yourself FT -- your outburst certainly lends a suspicion in that direction? (attacking and discredditing whistleblowers is standard form )

"My" problems with the aviation authority came about as a result of" going in to bat" for some women whose husbands had died ,unnecessarily, and who needed and asked for my help -- it was distinctly not in my interest to help them against the civil aviation authority and cost me everything - including my engagement - that's another woman involved.

The problem with getting the SOP exposed here turns around the female councillor whose ward the centre is in ,after being contacted to ask if she knew about the real nature of the SOP and being handed "secret cult" and told of this website with much personal testimony by children abused by the cult she said ,quote"I don't give a shit. This is all hearsay. Unless you can provide personal proof that children are being harmed in our building I don't want to know about it " endquote -- nice female concern and empathy ?

Likewise the female council officer responsible for the cultural and community centres -- completely deceived me and had no intention of doing anything to investigate or act against the cult.

I know the SES has a view of women as deceiving and manipulative based on 'original sin' (Eve deceiving Adam, Delilah and Samson etc etc )
and you could well find fault with them over that -- don't see it yet.
(taking action to stop abuse is different to complaining only )

In my testimony to the parliamentary committee investigating the aviation authority I opened with a quote from famed Australian Aviatrix Nancy Bird Walton " It seems a disgraceful thing that in a supposedly free country people fear doing the right thing and opening their mouths to speak "
(from memory)- she endorsed Dick Smith's book calling for a royal commission into abuse of power by the civil aviation authority after his record round the world helicopter flight that he said opened his eyes to how bad things were in Australian aviation (Nancy Bird had more international experience and already knew that - so did I )

That's another 'woman' thing .......

I do not feel the need to justify myself to innuendo or sniping and laced with insulting put downs by you FT . I will post that short pm that I had sent you in good faith as I promised.
Sometimes women may not be the best friends of other women.
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Postby a different guest » Thu Mar 09, 2006 7:25 am

Ross - why don't you go join the black shirts
I'm sure they would be interested in all your trials and tribulations.

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smart comments

Postby ross nolan » Thu Mar 09, 2006 8:30 am

My last post somehow finished up too far to the right on the screen to scroll down and find 'submit' so it got delayed for about two hours

(deleted as promised ///////////////////////////////////) .

Seven beauties was by Lena Wertmuller - a woman . (Bertolucci directed_(

There was a 'directive' to only 'allow' headshots of Christine Nixon to the press when she first arrived -- as a role model for police she is hardly inspiring and a documentary (Australian Story, featuring her unusual domestic arrangements (her tiny 'house hubbie' who cooks and does all the domestic duties ) was 'hijacked' enroute from Melbourne to Sydney, taped and redubbed with (I understand ) the voices of Kermit and Miss Piggy dubbed in -- the police did the same sort of thing with circulating private sex videos of a well known singer which were 'evidence' -- again a video of a police party where police officers blacked their faces and put fake 'nooses' around their necks making fun of the aboriginals who had died in custody - either hung themselves to avoid intolerable police treatment or in fact beaten to death by police and made to look like suicide.

These things do happen in the real world despite the 'cute and cuddly' PR that police make about themselves -- Melbourne's crime king Mick" G "lives in a two million dollar mansion and ran protection,drug,prostitution and gambling 'enterprises' for over twenty years without any interference by police . The ex mayor here was an internal affairs copper and dropped the fact that he knew about my giving evidence about" G "and that he would have the police on my back if I tried to do anything about the council involvement in my matters (SES included ).

(deleted as promised/////////////////////////////////)

The piece I quoted was mis identified as from the Age it was in fact the Australian 7/3/06

www.ncrnews.org/abuse/-73k-7Mar 2006.

( "Pedophiles among female carers ")-- google this if any problem.

also twbbs.info/s-babysitters.html

Real victims of sexual and/or physical abuse - let me apologize for the dismissive or belittling treatment of your experiences -- there are some who have never actually experienced any injustice or physical,mental or other trauma .

This matter is not a joke or an opportunity for point scoring so stay away if you just intend to cause trouble. (to ADG )


(deleted as promised /////////////////////)

second edditted ps I in fact assisted a woman who was left with three kids and never had any child support, from her ex husband( who was given,free, my father's heater maintenance business when he retired and who I helped before I found out about his background and behaviour) who had been supported by her for something like five years while he had 'chronic fatigue syndrome' and didn't work - he walked out on them and made himself untraceable - didn't file a tax return for seven years, claimed no income (didn't declare his cash business ) etc -- I got only told he had nowhere to live and even put him up free of charge for a few months . Anyway cheap shots by implying I have done something appropriate to joining the blackshirts are slanderous (libellous actually since it is printed ) I told his ex about his 'secret' country property and income and backed her in getting child support. Fact not slander.
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