To parent withdrawing child

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To parent withdrawing child

Postby Sandra » Wed Dec 08, 2004 7:29 pm

Please read letter from Cathy Watson.
I put my comments in context.
You may come to the conclusion that some exageratio was needed to get the point across.
I think I was exagerating the issues. Exagerating to show that the issues actually are there.

Please don't make an impulse descision just because of my letter. I myself can see a lot of good that St James gives. And in the end I'd say the good mightily outways the bad. However I felt I had to highlight the other things just to shine a light.
St james does shine a light, but it would be a hellava lot brighter if the issues in my dissitation were adressed
: :angel:


Postby Parent » Wed Dec 08, 2004 10:16 pm

Dear Sandra,

I urge you not to feel responsible.

Sadly, the decision was already made. I say sadly because I truly believed that potentially St. James had a lot to offer.

I have agonised over this and tried very hard to give the benefit of the doubt to St. James. After reading ALL the posts, I conclude that my child must leave.

My conscience will not permit me to continue "educating" my child at this institution.

As soon as an alternate school is arranged (which is not a straight forward process), my child shall be withdrawn.

Please do not feel responsible Sandra and I would direct this also to all those (within the SES) that point a finger at you. There are heart wrenching stories on this forum and I have the ability to draw my own conclusions.

I wish you all well. Former students, Current Students, Parents, Theachers and the SES too.


Postby Parent » Wed Dec 08, 2004 10:59 pm


I now feel responsible that you feel responsible.

I repeat PLEASE DO NOT! My posting simply coincided with yours and bears no direct response whatsoever to your post.

I stress that NO ONE should attribute any decision that I make to you.


Postby Guest » Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:25 pm

There are heart wrenching stories on this forum and I have the ability to draw my own conclusions.

If the past stories on this forum is the ONLY reason that is making u withdraw ur child out of St James, I believe ur reasoning is very irrational. As those stories are irrelevant to the schools today.

Those stories are only between the relevant teachers and the past pupils who have suffered! It should not affect ur views on St James today.

However, I dont know what situation you and your child is in. You are the parent after all and your instincts are to protect your child, understandably.


Postby Parent » Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:56 pm

St. James today must have a clean consience. That INCLUDES closure. That INCLUDES justice for all those that CLAIM to have suffered. That INCLUDES transparency.

The St. James of today has very dedicated and hard working teachers. My child appears happy. But can I take a risk with my child's emotional development? Is my child being suppressed? What subtle messages is my child receiving on a daily basis? Is my child genuinely allowed to tap into his/her potential?

When will this inquiry take place?

Just like me, there must be other parents reading these posts too. They must be anxious and concerned. I have read posts here from concerned parents. For the sake of everyone - past students, current students, the very dedicated and genuine teachers out there and the ses (whatever they are), this inquiry should come in a hurry - so that everyone can get on with thier lives.

I too would like to know the "truth". I did not choose to come on this site. This site found me by accident. I am a parent and my most prized possession (for want of a better word), is my child!

My child must NOT be experimented upon, if indeed that is the case. Not emotionally, in any form or shape.

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