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Non SES Parents

Postby JAMBREKES » Mon Mar 14, 2005 8:54 pm


The fact of the matter here is that vigilant parents can spot personality changes if they are observant. I agree the indoctrination/brainwashing call it what you will is very subtle because what you see as a parent on the school gate is a world away from what I understand is going on for those poor kids. Now that my child is elaborating on exactly what went on (this is 2004/2005 school year in St James Junior School) I am relieved to have taken the action we did and feel sorry for those who will not, cannot or who are not able to remove their children from such a regime. Dulled children cannot thrive like their free thinking counterparts in my opinion.

If parents just listen to their children about their day, ask them whether they had their lunch, if their day was enjoyable and fun. Let the children speak. Listen to them. The light may start to come on for parents who do not suspect, for parents who think they are imagining what they are hearing.

As for the educational/academic content I was not impressed. It did not strike me that this was a priority for the school. And as for Ofsted did they really know what they were dealing with when they did their inspection? How could they when they were only in there for a week? There are parents who visit every day and have no idea of the SES involvement.

Parents wake up! Open your eyes. Observe your children. It will be too late in 20 years time, even 10 years time when your sons and daughters are manifesting the signs of stress which could easily be misinterpreted.

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Postby a different guest » Tue Mar 15, 2005 9:16 am

Jambrekes - di dyou have children at the school that you recently pulled out? Can you explain more your situation and feelings and what you felt was the affect on your children?

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Non SES Parents

Postby JAMBREKES » Sun Mar 20, 2005 6:55 pm

ADG The experiences refered to are recent (academic year 2004-2005). I quote from a person whose life had been lived according to the SES way. Now she has distanced herself from it. Her reflections on her experiences and that of her children are poignant. Anita wrote " A series of revelations opened my eyes and I finally saw what was happening, as a result of which I left the SES. I saw the effect on my two sons and their friends".

She describes something that we were on the road to experiencing. It felt wrong. We got out.

ANITA wrote "Where were they (parents) when you were small and vulnerable? There must be a way of communicating, however gently or forcibly as is required, the error of continuing in this La La Land. Surely they cannot deny that terrible wrongs were comitted. What duty is more sacred than the care of ones children? "................

And with refernce to my earlier posting about children not being able to thrive as their counterparts in a free environment

Anita wrote "...............but when a powerful teaching is used to suppress the human spirit, gain control over it, and impose a particular and highly personal distorted version, it is a cult."

I repeat, many parents are still unaware of the SES involvement with St James. Others do not know what the SES is. That aside, from my personal experience it is what goes at school which is questionable and the children seem to be unable to communicate this. I deduce it is because they are frightened. That is very disturbing. Anita's account puts the whole situation into perspective in my opinion. Thank you Anita.

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Postby sparks » Sun Mar 20, 2005 9:43 pm

Dear JAMBREKES and other parents.

You may find aspects of my post (some time back in response to Wilfred) of relevence to the issue of lack of transparency about SES and St James Schools.


If you would like to receive more infomation about how the Schools failed to deal with this issue in the 1980s please do pm or email me.



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