Excerpts from St James School books

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Excerpts from St James School books

Postby leonmich » Fri Apr 22, 2005 2:32 pm

Anyone else kept their old school books and have some classic SES passages to upload? I thought it would be revealing to show how St James teaches core curriculum subjects like history.

Any great examples of SES group lectures? Post away if you have!

Examples of History taught at St James to 8-10 year olds. Quotes taken directly from my old school book, and were taught as historical facts not theory, ie, we were led to believe this was the actual history of mankind, and not a religious allegory.

"The bond of man is to remember the creator, to obey the laws of the creator,
and to find his way back to the absolute. The purpose of history is to learn how far
individual men and society has strayed from the absolute."

"In the beginning was the golden age.
men never cut down trees to make boats.
People never had to stand up against Judges because there weren't any.
There were no wars.
Nobody ploughed the fields.
They lived on berries.
There were rivers of milk and honey.
There were no bronze tablets.
No crowds standing before judges.
They were wise.
They had no government.
They never hunted animals.
They never hurt animals.
there were no weapons.
They were no properties.
There was no land belonging to anybody.
people never ate meat
They surrendered to the will of the absolute."

"in the golden age man lives in bliss. Sometimes he may forget his source
but he is soon united to the absolute by meditation. He lives in harmony with the will of the absolute. So he is content and his life is long. He knows the veda directly."

"Later on in the Silver age there were four types of man. There was a priest who got between god and man,the king, and soldiers in the armies who were led by the king. They began to forget the truth, and had to learn the veda."

"Images of moral deformity in the present age

Pop Music
Immoral books
Foolish Games
Seeing or hearing harmful events.
Deceptive literature

One would have thought geometry could escape the SES brush but no such luck...
Apart from having zero to do with drawing or euclidean theory, it's amazing just how meaningless the SES philosophies were.

Axioms of geometry as taught on first lesson by Russell. From book age about 9.

"1 The absolute is constant.
2 All and everything is absolute.
3 It arises in the absolute, is sustained by the absolute, and finally returns to the absolute.
4 To create anything in time and space the absolute has to take a stand in time and place.
5 Everything in creation is measured.
6 A point is a position in time and space. where the forces of the absolute are concentrated for creation, a word is created."

Something more humorous but with a sinister undercurrent.

A class was given by Caldwell on "how images of moral deformity form a mass of corruption" we were asked to write an essay on the topic. We were constantly lectured about how decadent the modern world was and how he had to shun it completely.

My essay follows. Was about 8 or 9.

"Pop music is a waste of time. It makes you jigly (sic!) and attracts you to it, thats the problem. but you can easily turn a blind eye to it. Most films are bad for you.If you see a film and it states "some parts of this film are disturbing" it may make you interested, but that is just a lie of advertising and the film is most likely to be useless anyway. Books are very bad as well, they state lies as facts in unpleasant ways. Television is not bad in itself but everything on it is full of lies and therefore it is wrong to watch it."

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Postby grimep » Fri Apr 22, 2005 7:32 pm

Brilliant :-)

I wish I'd kept notes as I went along!

laughable if it wasn't for the fact that so many "adults" take this stuff seriously.

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Postby Keir » Sun Jul 03, 2005 3:24 am


And the mad mullahs will be scratching their beards as to how it was all achieved WITH books...


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Postby leonmich » Sun Jul 03, 2005 9:15 am

a few more gems from my school books......

Reasons for standing when a "teacher" walks into the room

"Without consciousness you would not be able to do anything. You would not be able to see, hear,smell, taste, or function in any way.
When a teacher comes into the room the consciousness in you floats out of the top of you, so to prevent it coming out of you, you stand up, so it keeps up with yourself. Without consciousness, the heart does not know what to love, or to obey."

"The first thing in creation is Atman. Atman arises out of OHM (sanskrit mantra) and is the name of every manifest thing in creation. Out of Atman comes the nature of all things, like birds, animals, geese, and trees, and in particular man. Sanskara is a thing most people have. All the animals have Sanskara to. But man has the ability to rise above Sanskara. But there is a danger. Man can put his Sanskara to the good, but he can also put it to the bad. Some robbers have had bad Sanskara in a previous life and can not help stealing, it is like having a bad habit you can't break."

The last sentence illuminates why some children were considered lost causes, and only beating and applying forms of Gurdjieffs "work" would hopefully shock them out of their bad Sanskara. It concludes,

"Also some people have a bad Sanskara and a selfish reputation. When this happens it creates an artificial nature. Sanskara is dissolved when you meditate and become one with the absolute"

and a nice observation about me from Debenham in one of my reports,

"The sound of his voice is dishonest, he must not mix with people whose voice sounds like that"

(read working class background)

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Postby Tom Grubb » Sun Jul 03, 2005 11:29 am

Debenham's stupid comment about the "dishonest" sound of your voice reminds me of how I was humiliated at St Vedast for the way I supposedly mispronounced the long 'o' sound. I found it difficult to replicate the Brian Sewell-like phoneme they required, which apparently meant that I was 'idle'.

Anyone else remember being picked on for their pronunciation?

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Postby bella » Sun Jul 03, 2005 1:26 pm

When a teacher comes into the room the consciousness in you floats out of the top of you, so to prevent it coming out of you, you stand up, so it keeps up with yourself.

OK, even I find that one bizarre.

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