Message from the Inquiry Chairman

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Message from the Inquiry Chairman

Postby CBetts » Tue Jun 21, 2005 4:28 pm

St Vedast and St James Inquiry

The Chairman Mr James Townend QC has asked me to point out that the wording of the terms of reference for the Inquiry was not intended to exclude contributions from anyone with informaton to provide on the subject of the Inquiry, namely complaints concerning past discipline policy and its application at St Vedast and St James Independent Schools. In particular there was no intention to exclude contributions from parents. A number of parents have already provided submissions which are being considered.

The second sentence of Point 1 of the terms of reference should therefore be amended to read "The Inquiry will deal only with complaints relating to the former pupils of both the Girls' and the Boys' Schools and for the avoidance of doubt, contributions from parents will be welcome.

Christine Betts
Clerk to the Inquiry

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re "grooming"

Postby NYC » Wed Jun 22, 2005 3:59 pm

sugarloaf wrote:I spoke to a friend of mine who has just made his 'oral submission'. He said he was entirely comfortable, and it was non confrontational, and he was encouraged to say whatever he wanted about the school, regardless of whether it was relevant to the scope of the Inquiry.

He also said he got the impression that Mr Townend (chairman) was genuinely interested in the background, and SES connections?

Just in case anyone is unaware: submissions are being accepted all this week, and appointments are now being scheduled for next week also?if you emailed notice of your intention to C Betts, she would accept submissions made next week.

Please also let the Chair know about ?grooming,? the practice of introducing sixth-form female students to men belonging to the SES, at dinners, or on lightly supervised residential weekends. More than one recent St. James girl has written about dating relationships and subsequent marriages forming between teenage girls and their chaperones, tutors, and teachers.

If these relationships start while the girls are students, I would think that would be illegal in the UK as it is here. And even if the relationships begin AFTER graduation, it is a suspect practice that ought to be looked at by an objective outsider (it seems the Chair is such a person).


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