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inquiry status etc

Postby ross nolan » Wed Dec 21, 2005 10:44 pm

Seasons Greetings, Just a query about the status of the enquiry and what happens in response . I have not studied the terms of reference and procedures recently or in great depth so this question might be 'stupid' -- Presuming the report is released on the 16 Jan as last stated Is this the "end" of the process , or is this considered to be a draft report that is open to correction as to matters of fact or record ?

With government enquiries here it is standard procedure to be supplied with a copy of the proposed record of evidence to appear in a report and an opportunity to correct being given prior to the publishing of any document.

It would seem that there will be considerable 'controversy' about matters of fact and probably any conclusions or reccomendations if only due to the nature of the matter and the potential for distress and perceptions of injustice --- what then is the situation for someone who claims misrepresentation ?

It might be as well to think about the possible outcomes and the real danger of pinning hopes on the enquiry delivering a just and satisfying outcome -- or not. Obviously I have no personal stake in the enquiry as such but I do have experience of such enquiries involving contentious and emotional issues and instances where quite perplexing conclusions were reached leaving a lot of people somewhat stunned . (and psychologically let down or betrayed )

English readers are probably aware of the miscarriage of justice that took place involving Lindy Chamberlin about twenty years ago (the infamous baby eaten by a dingo case ) as one well known example of the failure of official inquiry procedures --- lots of others involving police misconduct and other cover ups could be cited. Is there any merit in organizing the publishing of a "reply" to the official report, by those who gave evidence, in the event of any 'unsatisfactory' report ? Just a thought at this point .

Seems that activity on the site has somewhat slowed as of late -- (?).....

Best Wishes for Christmas, Ross.

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