SESSA: Response to the Inquiry

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SESSA: Response to the Inquiry

Postby SES Schools Action » Fri Jan 20, 2006 10:17 pm

SES Schools Action: Our response to the Inquiry

The Inquiry's findings that criminal assault and mental and physical mistreatment of pupils occurred at St James and St Vedast schools vindicate all those who have been pressing the schools for an acknowledgement and an apology.

We are pleased that the Inquiry also uncovered the extent of control the SES had over the schools, but are disappointed that the findings on the girls? schools are limited, and that the narrow scope imposed by the governors on the Inquiry prevented wider complaints about the schools and SES being investigated.

We find the Schools? failure to date to propose (or announce that they have taken) any action in response to the findings completely unacceptable. We demand:

* The resignation (if he has not already done so) of the Chair of the Board of Governors, Roger Pincham, and all other governors who were at the school between 1975 and 1985.

* A public apology from Mr Pincham on behalf of the schools for the mistreatment and damage caused to children while the schools were under his governorship.

* A public apology from Donald Lambie, on behalf of the School of Economic Science (SES), for the mistreatment and damage caused to children while the SES directly ran schools.

* The resignation of Nicholas Debenham as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Education Renaissance Trust

* Immediate dismissal of any teachers found by the Inquiry to have mistreated children, who are currently teaching at the schools.

SES Schools Action would like to thank all former pupils, parents and the former teacher who submitted complaints to the Inquiry - despite widespread misgivings about the process of its establishment. We hope that the Inquiry's validation of many of their complaints will mark the start 0f a process of recovery for those who continue to suffer from the effects of their mistreatment while children at the schools.

The schools must now take steps to ensure that there is complete transparency over their relationship to the SES and its influence in the schools? governance.

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