Much Ado About Not Much, My Post & The Current Pupil's V

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Much Ado About Not Much, My Post & The Current Pupil's V

Postby Sam Hyde » Mon Mar 13, 2006 10:55 pm

Dear all,

I would firstly like to take this opportunity to reinstate my personal views and the intentions of those allied current pupils.

1) We express 100% sympathy, understanding and compassion to those who suffered at St Vedast and early St James. We do not deny the assaults and never have questioned the authenticity of your claims.

2) We joined this BB to shed light on a very 'New St James', speak out against the misinformed assumptions made about our school and its operations and protect the future of what is a very popular new school.

3) Start to subdue the ongoing callous commentary and work towards forming a platform on which we can all relate, learn and move forward. Desmond Tutu calls it Truth and Reconciliation.

Now that?s out of the way, having read the posts this last week and been itching to add to them, I will now reveal the heinous crime that was my 'Unjust Justice!' post.........this is the bit you have all been waiting for!

I can not reveal any of the contents as it resulted in this post being removed last night.

Frankly, if I got suspended for speaking out against him, what rules apply to you others who have constantly belittled, humiliated and brushed me aside? This kind of discrimination is crass, is it not the source of all your concerns, mental and emotional abuse????? Someone told me to look up hypocritical in the dictionary?I need not say anymore on this topic.

By and large, I am very pleased to have been included on this BB, albeit not appreciated for what I/we had to say and I express great disappointment in you all for this reaction. I have mused over possible reasons for this? that is what we do here isn?t it? Just formulate our own 'gospel' explanations. And the one that shines through as being the most viable explanation for you?re pushing us aside and belittling us can only be because we bought to this BB a voice that was not welcome. One of reason, practicality, reality, and ultimately the bomb shell, TRUTH!
When we presented you with an opposition that posed valid and realistic challenges to your arguments, a minority of you childishly insulted and cut us down for our incapability?s. This is a harsh reality but you have exposed yourselves (with few exceptions) as a narrow minded, obsessive and intimidating opposition. People?s hardly fit to be reasoned with!
You accuse St James of indoctrinating, brainwashing and de-sensitizing us. You are guilty as accused, what else does your behaviour demonstrate?
Enough on that. My point has been made.

I leave you now, with a reminder of what our school, ST JAMES INDIPENDANT SCHOOL FOR BOYS, TWICKENHAM is like:

1) There are no-longer any assaults
2) The is NO indoctrination
3) The is NO 'brainwashing'
3b) The SES doesNOT control our school!
4) We are NOT forced to join the SES
5) We are not married away to 'SES Brides' (I know, its totally crazy but it had to be said!)
6) I could do with better English grammar! (cough cough, Mr. Wray???)
7) We are free to say and believe in what we like!
8) The school embraces a multitude of different races and religions (16 faiths!!!), all of whom have no heard of discrepancies with our ethos.
9) Only as little as approx. 15% of the boy's parents are in the SES (that?s 45/301)
10) The schools are excelling at what they do best, developing a caring, considerate and loving character in BOTH boys and girls! This I hope will live on to see another gross annual increase in applications thus extending the current waiting list to similar proportion of any other 'normal' competitive selective secondary school.

I leave you on a good note, if what I said above offends anyone then I apologise in advance. During my time on this BB I have learnt the key is not to take it personally. I have spoken my mind, whether you want to hear what I have to say is up to the moderator to decide. In effect this is my suicide note, bring on the indefinite suspension!!!! Prove my point for me!

To conclude, I solemnly wish you, the Original Ex-Pupils, a peaceful and healing reconciliation process. My thoughts are with you and I would like to see true and fair 'Justice!' served to your cases.

All my love to you all.

Sam xox :Fade-color
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