US TV Exposes 'Destructive Cult' ...Similar to SES???

Discussion of cults generally - not specifically related to the SES or its related organisations.
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US TV Exposes 'Destructive Cult' ...Similar to SES???

Postby Justice » Sun Feb 05, 2006 2:27 pm

CBS Television in the US has just aired a TV programme exposing the activities of an organisation that many people regard as a 'Destructive Cult'.

Some people may see similarities between this cult and the School of Economic Science.

Steve Hassan, America's Leading Cult Counsellor was interviewed for the programme and has helped some of the cults victims.

Steve Hassan is the author of:

Steve Hassan includes The School Of Economic Science in a list of groups that he monitors on his website.

Steve Hassan's website can be seen at:

The TV broadcast on the 'Destructive Cult' can be seen at:

ross nolan
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good stuff

Postby ross nolan » Mon Feb 06, 2006 7:28 am

GO Justice! -- you are doing extraordinarily good stuff here -- I am starting to believe that we might indeed 'put the skids under them' (hope that translates to English and Dutch...) ! If you can get the local TV people to model their program on something topical like this you might get a breakthrough -- I just spoke to the new reporter on the local paper who as good as admitted that they had been 'heavied' by the SOP (who also advertise quite strongly with them) -- he had done a front page "expose" of a seller of swords and similar paraphenalia last issue and used a pretext of covering an earlier robbery to get the owners' trust
-- I asked if he wanted to look at another 'danger to the public' type story in the SES masquerading as a philosophy class and having the darker underbelly of their abusive and weird junior schools -- an unhealthy degree of scepticism followed with him recalling that my first approach to the paper (many months ago ,including providing "secret Cult " etc ) had resulted in 'some discussion with the editor' and he was sceptical to the degree ofv regurgitating the 'there is no proof' that's just what you say ... we don't want to get sued for carrying false allegations... ' I asked 'was the paper threatened then ?' and got an instant 'bite' .............

I told him that the long awaited report confirming what had always been denied was in fact now out and gave this web site as additional confirmation (maybe he will even read this ... and reflect )

Now that the "SES/SOP year" has started again it might be possible to get some attention to them but the press is a bit easily intimidated and there is the advertising to consider ... (plus that "cartoon Mohammed" thing ..)

Keep up the good work and let's have some support from the rest in following up with your local MPs and media etc -- the iron is hot.


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Re: good stuff

Postby Matthew » Tue Feb 07, 2006 5:01 am

Best of luck with this Ross, you're doing some sterling work down under. Its so important to expose the true agenda of the SES (and all other names they go under) in all their branches throughout the world, and not just where it all began here in the UK. You could be our "Antipodean SOP special agent Ross" :snipersmile:

BTW, I thought part 1 of your SES/MacLaren deconstruction thesis was excellent (including Keir's follow-up comments!). More power to your keyboard, and don't forget to hit that 'save' button!

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