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Discussion of the SES's satellite organisations in the USA.
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Re: NYC School of Practical Philosophy

Postby bonsai » Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:32 am

Mikew wrote:Attending the NYC branch for several years now and every once in a while look at forums for what people are saying about the school of practical philosophy and it seems the UK branch even to this day is so different from the NYC branch.

Mikew wrote:I haven't had any bad experiences there and have taken brakes from class and come back. Don't do much service usually attend the weekends which are generally a good time.

Hi Mike, I think it is worth saying that the character of the various regional schools are often very different as well as the character of various different groups. This does come from the fact that the leaders of the various schools, cultural differences and group tutors are able to heavily influence the attitude and approach to the philosophy. I'm not sure whether this is a strength or a weakness of the organisation but it does seem that many people have very different experiences from participating in the school. From my view however it just seems that there have been too many bad experiences both to adults attending the philosophy schools and children attending the day schools and the possible level of harm from the organisation is simply unacceptable.

Judging by the posts on this board the areas that have had the most trouble are the UK, Australia and the Netherlands. In all case these schools have had very dominant and authoritarian leaders. The other major indicator that seems to be at the heart of many of peoples troubles are those children who have have been brought up by SES parents and have been inundated with the philosophical ideas in all aspects of their life.


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